Victoria Carhart, Executive Director
Victoria comes from an Army family, so she is kind of from everywhere, but mostly from Alaska. She started working with children when she was a teenager as an orchestra/band teaching assistant for a middle school. She quickly realized that she loved teaching and after switching to teach preschool students, has never looked back! She is passionate about helping children learn meaningful life skills, and dedicated to education policy. Victoria brings over 9 years of experience working with children, endless fun energy (she lets students vote on which color to dye her hair) and is excited to provide an artsy, warm, and inspiring space for students at The Makers Club. 

Fun Facts: Victoria owns two cats (Shadowcat and Captain Kathryn Janeway) and one husband (Chris). She collects children's books, has lived in Germany and Italy, and has 8 brothers and sisters!


FaLana Ruffin, Lead Preschool Teacher
Falana hails from the beautiful lands of Sylvania, a small city on the southeastern coast of Georgia, about 45 minutes from Savannah. She has always wanted to live in Seattle, and decided to make the big move this past summer! She is thoroughly excited to interact with and teach your little ones! With over 6 years experience working with children, and a degree from Georgia Southern University in Child and Family Development, FaLana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team. She is passionate about art and music and looking forward to developing strong relationships with not only the children in our care, but with their families and our community. FaLana is an open book and always willing to learn; feel free to ask her anything or chat any time!

Fun Facts: FaLana is the youngest grandchild of 45 grandchildren! She has played the saxophone for 18 years and one of her favorite hobbies is boxing.


Elliot Thorsen, Assistant Preschool Teacher & School-Age Teacher
Elliot was born and raised in Bremerton and loves everything the PNW has to offer. You'll often find him outside hiking, camping, rock climbing and playing baseball. He has extensive experience working with children in an after school program and has helped raise his 5 year old niece, Nancy. He is lovingly referred to simply as "uncle" by her and all of her friends. Elliot is a talented photographer and writer and is excited to be a part of The Makers Club team!

Fun Facts: Elliot played college baseball, is currently in 7 fantasy football leagues, and has the longest tongue in the world, (seriously).

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Pantea Hafeti, Assistant Preschool Teacher & School-Age Teacher
Pantea (known as Paany, pronounced like Bonnie with a P:) was born in Italy, to an Iranian family, but grew up in Phoenix. After going to school for art, she moved to Seattle to work with children and bring her love for creativity to their lives. Paany believes that every single person is simply looking for love and happiness and that children are the truest form of both.  

Fun Facts: Paany is fluent in Farsi, a wonderful guitarist, and prides herself in fabulous rollerblading skills.