"You see a child play, and it is so close to seeing an artist paint, for in play a child says things without uttering a word. Whatever's in them, rises to the surface in free play ..."

-Erik Erikson

Welcome to The Makers Club!

The Makers Club is a play and art-centered preschool and after-school program, serving children 30 months to 12 years of age. Our mission is to provide a beautiful environment that creates joy, sparks children’s imagination, promotes social-emotional health, and allows children to develop problem solving skills and confidence.

We do this through purposeful play and art. 

Play is the journey in which children collect and process information, learn new skills and practice old ones. Children experience purposeful play when their potential for learning is enhanced by knowledgeable adults and the addition of objects of inquiry. Engaging in conversation, asking open-ended questions and providing an array of materials (to get messy!) and explore, is all part of the teacher gently, yet intentionally leading children's learning and facilitating purposeful play. 

Art is a medium through which students are able to use multiple senses at once, providing a rich learning experience and an exciting environment for young children. At The Makers Club, children will have access to an array of materials and endless opportunities to create and explore through painting, drawing, sculpting, crafts and the use of recycled materials.   

We offer a full-time, year-round preschool from September to August, and a half-day preschool that meets from 8:30-12:30 each day. Our half-day preschool class follows the Seattle Public School's calendar. If you are interested in touring our space please contact to schedule a time.